These days we all have smartphones and we turn on its screen many times a day and when the screen in turned on wallpaper is visible on the main screen. This wallpaper is important factor as far as astrology is concerned. Of course, in the era when the divine science of astrology was developed mobile phones were not there but colours have a significant place in astrology. It is a well established scientific fact that colours do affect our luck.
In this article i will limit myself only to colour of the wallpaper and not the elements, shapes etc. which are used as wallpapers. In my coming articles i will discuss about the wallpapers containing elements e.g water, mountains, greenery, metal etc. and the photos of friends, loved ones, family members, deities, pets, celebrities etc.

If the colour of wallpaper is in tune with the planet which is most favourable for you and is the most benefic and ‘karak’ for you then your mobile phone is going to make you fortunate. And vice-versa is also very true.

As an example if sun is most favourable planet in your horoscope the shades of red and golden will suit you for the mobile wallpaper.
List of shade of colours and their governing planets:
Sun – red, golden
Moon – white
Mars – orange
Rahu – grey
Jupiter – yellow
Saturn – blue, black
Mercury – green
Ketu – Brown
Venus – Off white, shimmer

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