We know that sound is an important form of energy.

And our ancestors knew that how to use sound energy intelligently and therefore they devised mantras or the sacred hymns. These mantras where devised to accomplish important tasks and to ward off negative influences. We have seen in the TV serial of Ramayana and Mahabharat that the Warriors often touch the arrow on their forehead and recite some mantra on it before launching it through the bow so that that arrow may become a weapon of mass destruction.

As we apply a disinfectant or sanitizer on our palms to kill the germs likewise the mantras kill the negative energies and harmful influences. It may be compare to spraying room freshener in case some bad odour is there.

Mantras may be used to accomplish specific tasks, for example good grades in education, destruction of enemies, wealth generation or making ourselves fortunate.

In my opinion the power of mantras should be used to make ourselves fortunate so that we may excel in all aspects of the life and we may enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.

We all know that Birbal who was one of the Navratna of King Akbar, was very intelligent. He was very witty and often humiliate King Akbar because of his presence of mind, but still the king was Akbar only and all the material comforts and extreme honour belonged to King Akbar only. The point to which I want to come is that being lucky is important as compare to being intelligent.

We all have different parts of the brain which represent different aspects of our life, and specific mantras activate specific those parts so that we may think in the manner which may give a success in that particular aspect.

Mantra act as a key to open the door of good luck and success.

There are very vast varieties of mantras available for propitiation of planets for making us fortunate which includes beej mantra, vedic mantra, Gayatri mantra and Dus Maha Vidya mantra etc.

In my experience I have found that the Dus Maha Vidya mantras give very fast and accurate results to effectively propitiate a particular planet which is causing trouble or which is weak in the horoscope.

In my next writings I will definitely cover the importance of Dus Maha Vidya mantras and their actual way of usage.

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Anil Gupta


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