We all want huge amount of money and we do our level best for that, but sometimes we fail to get desired amount of money. Following are some remedies, which i have found very effective in my experience of more than 20 years in astrology, in making people attract huge sum of money:

1.      Fasting on full moon day, with only one meal of fruits from morning to evening and then full regular meal in the evening, but avoid any white thing to eat e.g. rice, milk etc.

2.      Wear a two mukhi rudraksha, in white thread, on Monday within one hour of sunrise.

3.      There should be no wastage of water in your home.

4.      Moon is the benefactor of cash flow so recite or listen the mantra of moon (Chandrama) on Mondays and on Poornima while keeping your face towards south-east direction.

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Anil Gupta


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