One of the biggest challenges of today’s lifestyle is mood management. The efficiency of a person largely depends on his mood. People usually ask me about the remedies for their getting easily frustrated, even on very minute things and carrying that frustration to other aspects also. Similarly, mental irritation is also common. The worst part is that this frustration or irritation starts reflecting in the personality of the person and the relationships also start to degenerate.

Moon represents the mood and whenever moon gets inflicted in the period of natal horoscope or the planetary transits such things happen. In such ominous period the people around the person may also misjudge him to be disgruntled or perturbed.

Astrology offers very effective remedy to mitigate frustrations and irritations and thus making you a vibrant and positive personality.

The remedy is to use milk for bathing. No don’t get me wrong you don’t need a tub or bucket full of milk for that. On Monday morning take the normal bath as you do. Now after taking bath, still in the bathroom, take a litre of milk in a small bucket or other container and start pouring that undiluted milk on you as you are taking normal bath, rub the milk all over your body thoroughly and then wash with normal water without using any soap or shampoo. Don’t worry, it will not smell bad.

You will be amazed by the results!

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