It’s often said that ‘Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches’ and this is extremely true for the person suffering from depression. Depression is the Dracula of the modern times, it saps the life force from the person and makes him almost lifeless. If the depression is mild the person feels fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, irritation, food cravings etc. but if it gets severe then it may force the person to even attempt suicide.

 As per astrology afflicted moon is the main reason of depression and rahu, ketu and saturn also play important role. There are so many potent astrological remedies are available and in my experience following remedies are especially effective.

1.  Mix half a teaspoon of instant coffee (viz. Nesacafe, Bru, etc.)in the bathing water and take bath using that water everyday. Actually coffee acts as a substitute for mud, originally mud bath is recommended to balance moon and rahu, but, now a days, it’s difficult to arrange for a mud bath, moreover, i have found the use of coffee in bathing water even more effective that mud bath.

2.  Make your life disciplined by keeping your belongings in order may it be your cupboard, kitchen, bathroom, workspace, etc.

3.  Make your service providers like maids, drivers, cooks, cleaners, sweepers etc. happy by giving them food, gifts, money and good words.

The above remedies are time tested and have benefitted masses of people, just try them even if you sometimes feel depressive thoughts but clinically you are not depressed, as it is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The above remedies are positive and without any side effects.

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Anil Gupta

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