Executive Transformation Package


Unlock Your Destiny with a Personalized Executive Consultation Package!

₹2100.00 ₹5999.00

One-on-one audio call with Sh. Anil Gupta.

Are you seeking profound insights into your life’s journey and the celestial forces shaping your destiny? Look no further!

This service includes :

  • One-on-one audio call with Sh. Anil Gupta
  • Predictions and remedies for upto Three Issues with Sh. Anil Gupta
  • Deep analysis of Lagna Charts, Sub Divisional Charts, Dashas, Numerology Chart etc. of a person
  • Special and personalized remedies will be discussed
  • Mantras to listen/recite will be discussed
  • Lucky Colour, Unlucky Colour will be discussed
  • Lucky Gem Stones, Lucky Semiprecious Stones to enhance luck will be discussed
  • Relational remedies will be discussed
  • Call duration upto 16 minutes
  • Are you seeking profound insights into your life’s journey and the celestial forces shaping your destiny? Look no further!

With our personalized “Lucky Mobile Number Report,” you can:

Detailed Analysis
Receive a detailed examination of your horoscope and numerology chart, delving into Lagna Charts, Sub Divisional Charts, Various Dashas, Ashtakvarga Aspects, Numeroscope, and more.

One-on-One Audio Call
Engage in a private and focused audio call with Astrologer Anil Gupta (Call duration upto 16 minutes), where he will personally address your questions and concerns.

Tailor-Made Remedies
Benefit from specialized remedies tailored to your unique circumstances, targeting the root causes of your challenges.

Color and Gemstone
Recommendations Learn about lucky and unlucky colors, as well as gemstones that can positively influence your luck and energy.

Relationship Insights
Gain insights into your relationships and receive guidance on improving harmony and understanding.

Spiritual Guidance
Discover which deities to pray to and receive mantras for recitation or meditation, enhancing your spiritual journey.

Astrologistar by Anil Gupta

Discover the exceptional remedies of Anil Gupta, a highly regarded astrologer and numerologist with over 20 years of experience studying the movements of celestial bodies.

Anil Gupta
, the founder of AstrologiStar and Divine Trust, has earned a reputation for his precision in making predictions that have benefited people from all walks of life, including politicians, actors, directors, producers, IT professionals, sports people, and business people from across the world

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Based on 138 reviews
jadhav roshan
jadhav roshan
21 October 2023
It was a wonderful experience with Anil sir...feels motivated and honest astrology not leaving any microlevel thing...I would honestly recommend his consultancy for directionless folks to get focused and directed... thank you so much sir😊
Disha Chhabra
Disha Chhabra
11 October 2023
Anil Sir such a gem of person who is so skilled in the craft of Astrology. There were few points where I felt astonished and wonder how does he know this. There were many dilemmas in my mind regarding my career and personal life in which his response made me feel light headed and relieved. Would continue to seek his guidance, overall it was highly satisfied astrology session with him.
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur
5 October 2023
It was my first experience for consultation in Astrology. Mr Anil is a very humble person, he makes a person feel positive while listening and provides very easy remedies. I was lucky to get the desired result within 24 days of consultation. Thank you sir🙏🏻
Aastha Patel
Aastha Patel
21 September 2023
From Chhaya Patel: We recently had a reading with Anil Gupta ji, and I must say, I was truly impressed. The accuracy of the insights provided during the session was astonishing. What stood out even more was the informative nature of the reading. The remedies suggested are simple to follow in our daily routine. This made the whole experience even more valuable. Thank you for your time!
Swathi m
Swathi m
15 September 2023
Thank so much from my bottom my Heart you have given me such amazing remedy which my life as taken big truning point..I am blessed to have you Anil ji ....🙏🙏🙏🙏
ashish gupta
ashish gupta
13 September 2023
It was really a nice discussion with Sh. Anil Gupta Sir. He is very polite. The way he talks is really impressive. In past few astrologers suggested gems to me. He explained the root cause behind that and suggested me not to have gems as of now due to some reasons. His prediction about my health was correct. Many points were correct that was trust building moment. Overall I found discussion with him very useful. Even remedies provided to me are easy to do which is great. I wish remedies will help me and my health will recover.
Pooja Bhatnagar
Pooja Bhatnagar
23 August 2023
I would highly recommend him for a solution to all problems related to any thing. His knowledge in astrology is tremendous. He is very soft spoken and listen to everything very patiently.
Radhika Toshniwal
Radhika Toshniwal
4 August 2023
Taking his session was very motivating and given more clarity towards my goals and thoughts providing me with simple remedies to make things easier
manpreet kaur
manpreet kaur
24 July 2023
I have had a wonderful experience with Sir. After following his guidelines religiously, I could see a marked difference in my life . His way of discussing issues makes us feel at home. His remedies are very easy to follow in a hectic lifestyle . They are neither time consuming nor do they require us to follow elongated procedures. He is a vast ocean of knowledge . Mind is at peace after talking to him. Thank you for your good work and large hearted approach towards your work .
Ekta Tyagi
Ekta Tyagi
24 May 2023
Thank you so much sir for your 11th hour help. Apne mujhe jo bhi kaha hai woh sab sahi kaha and mein iske lia apki abhari rahungi. Mein chahti hu ki jab tak sab theek na ho jae ap pls humare saath hi rahe qki jo positivity aaj apse milli woh kabhi nahi feel ki.

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