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For only ₹2100/-, you’ll unlock a wealth of insights and solutions to transform your life positively. As a limited-time bonus, booking now will also grant you a complimentary ‘Daily Remedies For Better Life’ subscription for one month, providing ongoing support and guidance.

About Service

This Service includes Detailed Analysis of one Horoscope and Numerology Chart and upto three question will be answered with the help of the deep analysis of Lagna Charts, Sub Divisional Charts, Various Dashas, Ashtakvarga Aspects, Numeroscope etc.

With our personalized "Lucky Mobile Number Report," you can:

Detailed Analysis

Receive a detailed examination of your horoscope and numerology chart, delving into Lagna Charts, Sub Divisional Charts, Various Dashas, Ashtakvarga Aspects, Numeroscope, and more.

One-on-One Audio Call

Engage in a private and focused audio call with Astrologer Anil Gupta, where he will personally address your questions and concerns.

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Tailor-Made Remedies

Benefit from specialized remedies tailored to your unique circumstances, targeting the root causes of your challenges.

Color and Gemstone Recommendations

Learn about lucky and unlucky colors, as well as gemstones that can positively influence your luck and energy.

Relationalship Insights

Gain insights into your relationships and receive guidance on improving harmony and understanding.

Spiritual Guidance

Discover which deities to pray to and receive mantras for recitation or meditation, enhancing your spiritual journey.

Astrologistar by Anil Gupta

Discover the exceptional remedies of Anil Gupta, a highly regarded astrologer and numerologist with over 20 years of experience studying the movements of celestial bodies. Anil Gupta, the founder of
Astrologistar and Divine Trust, has earned a reputation for his precision in making predictions that have benefited people from all walks of life, including politicians, actors, directors, producers, IT professionals, sports people, and business people from across the world
Experience the transformative power of personalized guidance and remedies. Take the first step towards a more prosperous and harmonious life by booking your Executive Consultation Package today!

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